Monday, August 22, 2011


I love, love, love Michelle's work! If you are in the Texas area you absolutely must check her out! Here is a peek at some of the hair candy photos she took for me! Taylor from Queen Bie Cakes was her Gorgeous model!
Michelle Twitty Photography
Queen Bie Cakes

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The {Back 2 School Get GLAM} Giveaway is now open!!! Good luck everyone!!!

I think by now you all know how much I love giveaways, right? ;) Well, I think this giveaway may be the best one I have seen yet! Princess and the Pea Boutique and NattiCakesDecor have teamed up to bring one giganticenormoushugemous giveaway!!! Yeah, that's one word, and I just made it up. hehehe Maybe we should google it. I bet it would pull up the link to this giveaway! There are over 80 super talented amazing vendors in this one. That's right! That means OVER 80 WINNERS! And if you thought it could not get any better think can also win as many times as your number is picked by Did I mention that there are a ton of ways to get extra entries! Well, what are you waiting for? Get over there and get in on all the fun! :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

So many new ideas...not enough time!

                                                                  CANDY CORN
                                                                   LIL PUMPKIN
                                                   THE LADYBUG & THE BUMBLE BEE
                                                                  MORE PUMPKINS

 I have so many new and fun ideas, but not enough time to get them out as fast as I want to. ;) I am working everyday to add new things to the WW facebook  page. I am in love with all things vintage! I have lots of goodies, and I can't wait to see them come to life in my new creations. I am even hoping to see some things at Eve's Revolution. I LOVE  their shop! I'm also working on fall and halloween things now. So bring on the custom orders. I love all the cute halloween costumes! :)